ppl on this website be like your grades don’t measure your intelligence but whether or not you drink tea and like dr. who does

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It’s 1am so I’m sorry for the people who won’t see this. But if you want confidence and don’t know how to get it, a really good way is to be confident in other people. When you walk into Starbucks, think, “damn, that barista’s hair is da bomb!” Or when you go to school, think, “my teacher is rocking that skirt!” When you start seeing everyone as being beautiful, at some point you realize that you’re everyone too.


I push everyone away but in a way I’m doing them a favor

My dad talks a lot of shit saying my aunt and grandma calling me fat all the time is the reason I have an eating disorder but maybe he should think about the fact that all he fucking eats is junk food and then makes us eat it and then has the nerve to make fun of the way other people eat. Then calls everyone fat. Then he wonders why. My favorite is when he blatantly makes fun of bulimia and anorexia in front of me and basically tells me I’m not a real bulimic because I’m not fucking skin and bones. Fuck you.